The Cameron’s

Don and I are over the moon with the service which Fidelium provide us with, and have difficulty in thinking of areas for improvement, but we’ll do our best!
We’re extremely satisfied with the complete service we receive from Fidelium (Sarah, Erica and the team). In particular:– professional, personal, detailed service – financial portfolios – shows a complete understanding of our requirements eg the level of risk we’re prepared to undertake; plus detailed comparisons with our previous reports– trustworthy – we trust your advice – we believe our investments are sound in your hands

– Sarah always comes to us completely prepared; clear and concise financial reports and explanations; she is prepared to listen to our input and act accordingly; she makes us feel valued clients – nothing is too difficult; she has a lovely, friendly personality; she’s maintained an up-to-date knowledge of the business

– Sarah has built a good team backup/support

– we have confidence that Sarah will understand our future requirements eg pensions

– meeting Sarah c. twice a year is about right for us

– Fidelium provide excellent, consistent and regular feedback to us  – we don’t need to chase you

– we never feel that Fidelium is trying to sell us products. You behave ethically and do the right thing for us. I know that you have to let us know  what % you charge us, but your fee structure is completely transparent to us

– you’ve made us money (thank you)!!!!!


So Fidelium – professional, personal, trustworthy, detailed, up-to-date knowledge, ethical, makes us feel special, plus great team support.  You deserve to do exceptionally well – thank you for looking after us so well.

Would we recommend you?

– Yes, we would definitely recommend you to friends.  


A big thank you to a fantastic, ultra-professional organisation – we are so lucky to have you managing our money. You deserve great success.


The Philp Family
Sarah started advising our family over a decade ago and has been an invaluable source of financial guidance which we have grown to rely on over this period of time.

She has great insight into our family needs and dynamics and advises both parents and children.
We know she is there, as our trusted advisor, which gives us peace of mind and confidence in all financial decision making.

Mike Goodwin
A professional and competent Financial Adviser over the last 11 years, fully outlining recommendations and implications whilst fully understanding my position on risk.

Jeff Norman
Sarah has provided our family with quality professional advice for around 16 years. We quickly built up our trust in her advice which has helped us to clarify our needs and risk profiles and then offer us financial solutions with which we felt comfortable. As circumstances have changed over time, so we have worked with Sarah to review those needs, risks and investments.”

Edward Beckett
Over the last 11 years we have built a strong and trusting relationship. Sarah’s advice has proven to be excellent, and I have total peace of mind being looked after by such a safe pair of hands.

Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 01442 508111 or email: info@fidelium.co.uk