Your Fidelium Journey

Stage 1
Initial Meeting
Stage 2
Further Exploratory Meeting with Recommendation Plan
Stage 3
Ongoing Service

As a firm, our advisers have over 40 years’ of combined Financial Advice experience. You can expect the highest level of knowledge, experience and professionalism.

At Fidelium we work closely with you via our highly consultative process to design bespoke financial plans to suit your personal circumstances. We will provide you with peace of mind and clarity so you can focus on what’s important to you in your day to day lives whilst we look after your financial affairs.

The first and most important step we take together is to ensure we gather all the relevant information about you and your financial requirements, to identify your goals and aspirations. We will spend our time and expertise in reviewing your situation to ensure that we are the right adviser for you – and that we can deliver significant and real value.

This initial meeting is at our expense and without any obligation.

We prepare customised choices and solutions designed to fit each client’s needs. These interrelated solutions can include retirement planning, investment portfolio management, Estate planning & trusts and comprehensive tax planning, all brought together in one holistic plan.

Stage 1:
Initial Meeting

We listen to you – we will seek to define and fully understand your needs, goals and current situation. Your dreams, aspirations and relationships will shape how we customise our advice.

Stage 2:
Further Exploratory
Meeting with
Recommendation Plan

Once we get to know you, what your plans are for the future, we perform a detailed analysis of your income and expenditure, incorporating a gap analysis thus allowing Fidelium to craft an investment plan to meet your goals.

The plan will reflect your needs & objectives and risk tolerance, offering a comprehensive roadmap for your financial future (providing benchmarks for tracking progress along the way). The plan will include the following:

• Assessment of your long-term needs and

• Confirmation of your risk tolerance and design of a
bespoke portfolio for you.

• Agreement of a time horizon for your various

• Explain what you will be investing in and what
growth/income you can expect.

Assuming you are completely happy with our suggestions, your plan is then implemented and our agreement formalised.

Stage 3:
Ongoing Service

Like any plan, it is essential that what we have implemented remains relevant. An annual review gives us the opportunity to discuss both existing arrangements as well as other steps or adjustments that may need to be taken into consideration. It also serves as an excellent method to gauge all aspects of performance within an investment portfolio.

We like to meet with our clients for an annual face to face meeting so we can understand any changes in your circumstances and adapt your financial plan accordingly.

We will help you to organise and understand your paperwork and answer any questions which arise.

We will regularly review the progress, contrasting your current situation with your investment road-map. We will review your progress towards your goals and determine if any significant changes have occurred that would alter those goals or needs. We stay flexible as life is not a straight line.

What our clients have to say

“Over the last 15 years we have built a strong and trusting relationship. Sarah’s advice has proven to be excellent, and I have total peace of mind being looked after by such a safe pair of hands. She now looks after my children’s financial affairs too.”

Client Since 2000 (21 years)

Edward Beckett, Literary Estate Manager (of Samuel Beckett)

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