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The development of an individual’s investment strategy remains a cornerstone of Wealth Management and is key to successfully achieving their financial goals.

There are many reasons people decide to invest. Perhaps they want to grow their wealth, save for retirement, generate income or leave money for loved ones when they are gone. Protecting that wealth is first and foremost.

When it comes to maximising the chances of reaching your long-term investment goals, Fidelium believes one of the most important considerations is long-term asset allocation—the mix of stocks, bonds, cash or other securities in your portfolio.

Our job is to help you understand the risks you are taking for the rewards you would like to receive over the long term.  You will always know what you are invested in and will have access to your money at any time, after all – it belongs to you!

With interest rates currently low, being a keen saver isn’t on its own likely to be enough to secure your financial future. If you were to put all your money into a savings account, you’d find that its longer-term value would be eroded by inflation. This means that as each year passes, your money buys less. However, you do need to be aware that unlike cash savings, investments come with the additional risk that their value can fall as well as rise.

By contrast, investing in its simplest form is designed to increase your wealth over the years to provide financial security and future income.

As stock market performance is unpredictable, successful investing is all about adopting a longer-term view, and also means introducing an element of risk to your money. Prudent investment involves diversifying your risk by spreading your investments across different sectors and markets and giving your money time to grow.

Putting a plan in place

There’s a vast array of choice when it comes to investing so deciding at the outset what returns you want your investments to achieve and over what timescale, is important because it will help in determining where to put your money.

Whether you’re new to investing, or consider yourself a seasoned stock market investor, we can recommend an appropriate strategy for you taking into account your goals, time  horizon, appetite for risk, personal views and fears.

Taking the decision to invest money can seem like a major step, but with our help and advice, building up a portfolio of good-quality investments is a journey we will embark upon together.  Some of the strategies will include:-

  • Bespoke Portfolios/Solutions
  • Diversification helps protect wealth
  • Passive solutions
  • Ethical solutions
  • Environmental, Social & Governance Criteria

We are Whole of Market and will identify the best tax wrapper for your own personal situation, needs & objectives, including, ISAs, Investment Accounts, Offshore Investments, IHT Portfolios, EIS and VCTs.


Since their introduction in 1999, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have provided a simple, tax-efficient solution to invest for the future. The annual ISA allowance remains an important and valuable tax-planning and investment opportunity.

The government has made clear the importance of ISAs in the personal savings landscape by allowing more flexible investment choices and increasing the amount you can invest each tax year.   

To make the most of the tax benefits on offer, money needs to be invested through a Stocks & Shares ISA in investments that offer the potential for attractive long-term returns. These include equities and fixed interest investments, such as corporate and government bonds. 

Whether you are looking to invest for income or growth or a combination of both, we can provide the best investment solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

Junior ISAs (JISAs)

We all want the best for our children. We don’t know what their future will hold but we do want to make sure they have every opportunity to do well and be happy, whatever they eventually decide to do. JISAs can help to give our children a head start, whether it be help with education or getting them established when they grow up.

The younger generation is facing new and difficult financial challenges growing up in the modern world.

£22,200 is the average annual total cost of studying at university (,July 2018)

 £50,600 is the estimated average debt of graduates (Institute for Fiscal Studies, July 2017)

 £420,132 is the average cost for a first time buyer in London and the South East.

Junior ISAs provide a flexible and tax-efficient way to build a capital sum to help secure a child’s financial future.

Perhaps estate planning is also one of your financial aims. Investing for the children that matter most to you can make rewarding use of your Inheritance Tax gifting allowances. You might also want to consider other solutions, such as pension planning on their behalf or life assurance, to help fulfil your hopes for them should you not be there to see it happen.

Offshore Investments

For some investors, it may be beneficial to consider offshore investment solutions. This may be of particular interest to those who expect to see a fall in their marginal tax rate in retirement and enable them to defer the tax on their investment income until then.  Offshore Investments can also be particularly suitable for Trust arrangements, as Offshore Investment Bonds do not produce a natural income and therefore negate the requirement for annual tax reporting in most instances.

Investment Accounts/Collectives

Investment Accounts provide a range of solutions for medium-to-long-term capital growth and income. Often seen solely as the crucial component of a Stocks & Shares ISA, Collectives offer a range of other benefits to investors.

As part of a focused tax-planning strategy, Collectives provide the flexibility to utilise your annual Capital Gains Tax allowances and, when used in conjunction with a collective investment, also offer an alternative solution for investing on behalf of children.

The value of an investment will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and the value may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount invested.

The favourable tax treatment given to various types of investments may not be maintained in the future as they are subject to changes in legislation.

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