Our Approach

Fidelium Financial Planners has a clear purpose, which is to help you achieve your dreams, hopes, aspirations and future plans.

It is the combination of our insightful approach, goals based financial planning, excellent client service and team based structure which makes Fidelium Financial Planners unique.

At Fidelium Financial Planners we will work closely with you to help you understand and achieve your life goals by providing the highest level of tailored financial plans and portfolio strategies. We believe the close, trusted relationships we have with our clients are essential to the success of our business.

Benefits of Fidelium

We are a  company offering personal and individual attention to each of our clients.  We adhere to the highest levels of professionalism in all that we do.

We offer unbiased, fee-based advice.

We work alongside an established network of accountancy and law professionals who complement our proposition in delivering a first class holistic financial plan for each individual client.

We design bespoke investment portfolios to provide you with peace of mind, so you can get on with the rest of your life.

The objective of financial planning is to ensure you achieve your life goals, while taking into account the amount of risk you are prepared to take, your time horizon, and current tax laws. We strive to help you achieve the optimal alignment between wealth, your values and goals.

The outcomes you can expect as our client:

•  To have a clear understanding of your personal
and financial objectives.

•  To feel confident you are achieving your goals or
working towards them.

•  To have a proactive process in place to objectively
review your current financial plan and consider
potential planning opportunities.

•  To have a plan in place that is supported by all of
your professional advisers; we will liaise with your
Accountant and Solicitor.

•  To minimise risk & volatility.

•  To pay less direct tax.

•  To benefit from basic and advanced estate
planning techniques.

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Working Professionals




Estate Planning



Long Term Relationships

At Fidelium we learn how your family dynamics work.  Financial planning is not just about money but about what you want for your family, your own aspirations and what you want to avoid.

We know that money and families are not always the best combination.  By developing a long term relationship with you and your family we can bridge the gap between these two key areas.

The better the planning, the less ambiguity there is which means there is less to disagree about!

We are aware this journey is not only a practical one but also an emotional one, affecting each of our clients in different ways as they go through different phases in life.

We pride ourselves in developing customised choices and solutions designed to fit each client’s needs and be sufficiently flexible to adapt to the unknown entity of the future.

These interrelated solutions can include investment management, estate planning, tax planning – thus offering a truly holistic approach to clients financial plans.

What our clients have to say

“I trust Sarah and find that she understands my needs. She looks after my financial affairs well and I am confident with her management.”

Fidelium look after 3 generations of the Gore family.

Client since 2000 (21 years)

Retired Acting Top Grade Biochemist, in the Department of Chemical Pathololgy at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

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