Educational Funding

For many parents the cost of providing for their children’s school and university education is not only their biggest expense it is also the fastest growing. Investing time early to understand what the costs are likely to be is the key first step in making sure the funds are available when you need them.

Our process – it is really quite simple.

We will need some basic facts:

  • Number of children
  • Their ages
  • What years will they be attending school/university
  • Your favoured school(s)
  • How much you afford to save and over what period
  • Your attitude to risk

We will produce a model for you detailing:

  • The potential costs per child over time
  • A picture of your savings as they build
  • Any mismatches that will need attention
  • The most suitable investments to meet your funding requirements

Review and Update

We will regularly review progress and update the model for any changes in your circumstances and assumptions used.


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